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Back in 2008 the need arose that demanded we find a solution to getting traffic from the search engines for our very first digital product. After finding it a frustrating exercise, trying to figure our SEO (search engine optimisation) we decided to tackle the issue ourselves.

This process took a long time and over the years, the art of SEO has become a constant dance between Google and their every changing search algorithms. For many people this has produced at times devastating disappearance from the search listings, as Google have deemed previously approved SEO tactics no longer acceptable.

For the small business owner today, the idea of having to wait three or six months for SEO to work, only find out that Google have changed the rules yet again, is simply unacceptable.

Enter the instant solution – Call UP Now.

Helium SEO still provide search engine optimisation to clients both here in Australia and overseas. Typically the most suited businesses are those that have highly cost restrictive Google costs due to high competition and high cost per click. These services typically cost our clients thousands of dollars a month and are generally out of reach for the small business owner.

Not so with Call UP Now.

We deliver customised, instant results without the competition that other companies will insist upon inflicting on their very own customers. We do things differently here, as we promote you directly on the first page or page one of the Google search results.  The big online marketing companies like Truelocal and Yellowpages, can’t offer the exclusive advertising that we do.

We promote you exclusively in your protected business zone. Period.

Our Services

Exclusive Google advertising, guaranteed page one listing for you and not your competitors. Affordable and fully managed.

  1. Google Advertising

    We put you in the picture and never sell your business zone to one of your competitors. You have Google page one listings for 12 months on a contract that you can renew to secure for future business.

  2. Graphic Design

    As advertising gurus, we create a beautiful landing page for your ads, so that the professionalism of your business and a strong call to action, match the marketing needs of your company.

  3. Photoghraphy

    In the event that you do not have suitable photography available to be used in your one page website, our graphic designers provide stock images royalty free for use on your one page website.

Our Vision

By delivering Google search visitors directly to your one page website on Call UP Now, we are able to ensure that you get the call and not one of your competitors.

We setup your exclusive business zone and when someone clicks on a Google search result listing, they go directly to your page and see no other competing businesses.

Yellow Pages and True Local cannot match this service – so sign up today!


Brief History of Our Company

November, 2015

Call UP Now Launch

Due to the high demand for instant Google search presence, Call UP Now has been launched to meet the needs of the small business owner on a tight marketing budget.

February, 2015

Product Realignment

Due to the changing nature of the organic search landscape, many businesses can no longer afford the time to wait for getting Google search visitors. Something has to be done.

October, 2014

Google Changes Constantly

They say the only constant is change. When it comes to trying rank organically in the Google search listing, there is no exception to that rule her. Google Penguin and Panda wreak futher havoc on the small business owner doing SEO.

May, 2012

Google Penguin Update

Each time Google twist the knobs to control the search results listing, literally thousand of businesses suffer a miserable defeat. Something needs to be done but what?

March, 2010

Back In The Good Ole' Days

Before the Google Penguin update to their search algorithm, you could rank on the first page of Google with relative ease. But then again, this was never going to last, now was it?

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