Who Is Call UP Now?

Call UP Now is a division of Helium SEO (search engine optimisation) company that have been providing search marketing services to the Australian, US, Canadian and New Zealand markets since 2009. We are an Australian based and owned business.

We provide exclusive business zone marketing areas to Australian small business owners, to capture new customers for their businesses, by creating page 1 visibility in the Google search results.

Google provide the traffic to your business at precisely the very best time for you to take advantage of this laser targeted audience. Out dated forms of advertising that have rapidly lost their effectiveness have been replaced with the search engines.

Being in front of potentially new customers on a daily basis, is a boost any small business can’t simply live without. So stop trying to interrupt your non-customers with local newspaper ads, ugly trailers parked on the side of the road, and even being lost in a phone book that no one is looking at anymore.

Call UP Now guarantee first page listing in Google within 48 hours of signing up for an exclusive business zone that will only ever be promoting your business, not ours.

How Does Call UP Now Work?

When you sign up for an exclusive Call UP Now business zone, you are ensuring that when people search for your service + suburb, your ad listing will appear on the first page of the Google search listings.

Unlike Yellow Pages or Truelocal, we put you on the first page of Google. If you do a search for your service + suburb, you will see both these companies listing in Google but in order to find your business on one of these services you would need to search again once you were on their website.

No so with Call UP Now.

People search, click your listing on the first page of Google and go right to your advertisement on our website. No competitors – you and your business exclusively.

When you are ready to claim your business zone, fill in our Advertise form today.

How Much Work Is Involved?

Call UP Now handles everything for, so you can get on with doing what you do best, namely providing great goods and services to your customers.

We create your customised webpage on the callupnow.com.au website. This will display your business only, (no competitors – like the other guys do!) and if you have a website, this advertisement will link directly to it and display your contact phone number as well.

We look after the ad management on Google for you, so you don’t need to fuss with the techno mumbo jumbo. We create good strong headlines for your business with a clear call to action and your phone number right there on the first page of Google, so people can call directly when they see your number.

We provide a full 12 months of peace of mind, that your search marketing is taken care of and you need to do nothing at all. Sign up today and claim your exclusive business zone before one of your competitors do.

Do I Need To Have A Website?

Call UP Now works with small businesses around Australia and in order to get started you don’t even need to have a website.

We create a custom advertisement for your business which is published on our website, so you can get started even if you don’t have a working website in place today.

All you need is a contact phone number for your business and you can be receiving calls as soon as your ad in Google is live and people click on this to find you. We take care of everything for you.

How Can I Get My Business Listed?

Simply follow this link to our Advertise page and fill in your details. A sales representative from Call UP Now will phone you back today.

How Many Other Business Will I Be Listed With?

None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. No one.

Call UP Now only take on one business customer per business zone. So if you are the first in your business zone to sign up, then we will not offer any of your competitors what is now exclusively yours. All contracts are for 12 months, so you can rest assured, we will be promoting you and you alone. Unlike some of our competitors, they will take on everyone without any exclusive arrangement. We definitely hold a competitive advantage, so isn’t it time you claimed your business zone? Advertise with us today.

Can I Advertise Even If You Don't Show Listings For My Business Type?

Call UP Now can have your business listed in the Google search results regardless of whether your business type is currently listed on our website.

We aim to provide Google listings for all small business types, so if you don’t see yours listed then this is good news, as you will be the first and naturally the exclusive business zone holder in your area. Contact us today to find out more.