Payment For Call UP Now – Website Setup Fee

Payment For Call UP Now – Website Setup Fee

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In order to customise our website with your business’ details, so that the landing page a customer finds themselves on after click on a Google search result, closely represents the branding and image of your business, we need to charge a setup fee for this service.

This is your only upfront commitment and it is our insurance that you are committed to proceeding with a business relationship with Call Up Now.

There is substantial upfront work involved in getting the site setup in a fully mobile responsive fashion, so that we have the best chance of converting a visitor to a call to eventuate in a job for your company, so this fee we charge is only nominal for the work involved and this includes the Google rankings which drive all the inquiries.

Once this payment has been recieved we will commence work immediately on the website customisation work and the rankings to drive job calls through to you as soon as possible.

Payment: $499

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